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FOMET was founded in 1963, thanks to knowledge, knowhow, experience and dedication to the construction of induction furnaces and application to the foundry industry, technologically speaking is leader in his field. FOMET furnaces increase productivity safety and environment in foundries.

FOMET’s production programme of induction furnaces is recognized for their high engineering and technical qualities, reliability, innovation and durability.

FOMET can supply individual furnaces or complete turnkey systems and integrated plants.

FOMET is the foundryman’s ideal partner, due to its versatile approach to customer’s needs as well as providing reliable and precise information concerning particular technical processes and best practices.

FOMET’s project team, which has specific experience in the field of
ferrous and non-ferrous foundry applications, is able to provide collaboration in planning the layout of new production lines including developing automation software to suit each application. By means of an accurate energy study, the customer is presented with the optimum solution not only tailored to his specific needs but also correlated with a study of the production costs and projected productivity of the plant. This allows the client to study and optimize operational choices right from the drawing board.

FOMET, have also long and specific experience in refractory’s technology and maintain a department dedicated to the production of monolithic refractories. Continuous development and testing of formulations and materials, allows FOMET to offer its partners the best refractory material for lining their furnaces.

From any expert in this field, who has had the opportunity to use and evaluate FOMET technology, the response is; FOMET = Reliability. To use the knowledge and experience of FOMET is the best guarantee of economic operations, without risks.

Fomet today


  • FOMET head office and works is in Milan
  • Total area 5.000 m2


  • We design all our furnaces both mechanically and electrically.
  • We produce all our automation software.
  • We make all our own parts, following our know how.
  • We test all our furnace equipment thoroughly before dispatch.
  • We invest in Research and Development aimed at developing new and more reliable furnace equipment, also in collaboration with ideas exchanged with our foundry clients.
  • We use only high quality components from internationally recognized suppliers.

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