Introducing the “Fomet” pep autopour furnace

06 Luglio 18

In 2016, FOMET Srl, world leader in auto pouring technology of cast irons introduced their innovative “PEP” Autopour (Powered Easy Pour).

In order to meet modern foundry needs FOMET have designed a unit with the pouring characteristics of both automatic heated and unheated pouring systems.

The PEP unit not only includes the heating capability but also the possibilities to be emptied and turned off at the end of the casting campaign.

PEP gives you the accuracy of a press pour without the need for heating channels or pouring syphons and their associated maintenance.

This new unit was designed specifically to overcome the difficulties of carrying out alloy changes, by making them easier and faster than ever before. Many existing press-pour customers do change alloys on a regular basis but they have to plan ahead to minimize down time and the inevitable interruption to production.

The PEP concept totally overcomes these problems, allowing change overs to be faster and easier than was previously possible.

The PEP unit is standardized at 2500 kg maximum capacity and can automatically pour down to heel capacity, then under manual supervision it will pour until emptied. The unit can also be refilled while pouring, without interrupting the pouring programme as well as being able to be hydraulically tilted for de-slagging or for totally emptying into a ladle.

This new FOMET PEP pouring furnace is an induction heated bottom pour vessel, without any of the “channel” and “syphon” devices with their associated maintenance, and is not dis-similar to a bottom pour ladle.

There is minimal thermal loss from the unit thanks to the optimal insulation refractory design, while the programmed target temperature is monitored and maintained automatically by the system.

The unit is powered by 200 kW, medium frequency technology with water cooling, allowing it to automatically maintain or increase the vessel as required.

The pouring device comes with optional levels of automation to suit each customer’s requirements whether they use vertical or horizontal moulding.

The PEP can be equipped with all of the FOMET range of pouring options such as, the CCD Vision system for controlling the mould in-gate filling level, in stream late inoculation, furnace weighing, pouring curve rate of flow control and an automatic skip charger system for filling the unit.

The unit is built onto a bridge structure over the moulding line and with the use of digitally controlled gear motors the unit automatically arrive at the required X – Y pouring position.

Charging and emptying is carried out by using the large spout on the front of the unit.

At the close of the casting campaign, the unit can be emptied and turned off or can be maintained, “metal ready”, by the use of gas burners, allowing for a fast re-start.

History from the three units already in operation, suggests the life of the special castable refractory lining is between three and four months of continuous operation, depending on the alloys used.

This efficient refractory lining minimize thermal loss thus guaranteeing significant energy savings from the small power unit.

Targeted towards the small to medium sized foundry, this PEP unit greatly assists the demand and quality requirements in ductile irons castings as well as the ability to switch to grey irons as required.

For further information contact: – FOMET Srl, via Simone Martini, 20143 Milan, Italy, or go to web site

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