Channel induction press autopouring furnace

The pouring furnace with its pressure-tight cover  has a cylindrical shape. The charging and pouring siphon channels end in the bottom of the case.

This configuration ensures practically slag-free pouring. The molten metal is forced under gas pressure from the induction heated furnace case (5) through the pour siphon (1) into the spout which is provided with an outlet opening (nozzle) that can be plugged with a stopper (13).

The level of the molten metal in the case can be maintained at a constant height with a pressurized gas by balancing the pressure level accordingly.

The distance opening height of the stopper and the diameter of the nozzle determine the flow rate of the molten metal poured out in g/sec.

The pouring control system must obtain together with the maximum exploiting of the production cycle time, the maximum quality of the castings under continuous running operation. Pouring out metal by controlling the pressure inside the furnace to maintain the metal level constant and opening the stopper rod according the metal pouring filling pattern requirement.

The pouring speed and flow during the mould filling process must always be matched to the intake capacity. For this purpose, FOMET has system, which operate with a “teach-in” program memory and in a closed-loop control circuit with CCD camera for moulding the opening of the stopper rod for maintaining constant the level in the pouring cup.

This is achieved having a reliable system that shall permit to avoid short pours, losses and over pours of metal.

Several optional equipment has been designed from FOMET for completing the pouring furnace automatic  control increasing the process efficiency and its automation;

The optional equipment could be interfaced and integrated in the FOMET furnace pouring control system.

1  Pouring spout / siphon

2  Charging siphon

3  Air or inert gas input pipe

4  Furnace lid

5  Furnace case

6  Tilting cylinder

7  Tilting frame

8  Frame for parallel movement

9  Frame for orthogonal movement

10 Flanged inductor

11 Inductor ventilator

12 Inspection porthole

13 Stopper-rod devices

14 Laser for metal level